Monday, 11 March 2013

Programming Cycle Sound

This weekend the bicycle became perfectly ready.
Some nice test drives through the city got me really proud about its construction.

Plus, on Friday at the London Hackspace, I made a nice aluminium rack to hold the arduino. It still needs finishing, but it looks promissing.

Also, I assembled half of the interacting elements to the bike (only one side as it is symmetric). However there were some isolation issues that made the system short and therefore Pure Data was getting lots of trash!
I already isolated everything but haven't assembled it back.

Now I am working on the Pure Data patch. Not only that, as I am making a Lemur skin to work with the patch wirelessly on an iPad. It will allow easy multi touch direct access to several parts of the patch to modify elements along the way, such as threshold values, notes and octaves.
The sounds are now coming from Logic Pro. An amazing feature with this is that it allows me to have different instruments assigned to each of the interacting elements of the bike.

Even though the servos are still uncertain, counting on their inclusion, the functionality of this should look something like this:

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