Sunday, 2 September 2012

Proceeding with Cycle Sound

Last Saturday I went to Canary Wharf (aka Death Star) to meet with Ricardo Amaro. For what I though would be an up-to-three-hours meeting to get some things sorted, it actually extended to be a 10h attempt to get things going.

There were mainly two problems going on:

1st - the communication between the XBees ('modems');

2nd - the trim/threshold of the pulses from the piezo component.

For as much as I care to think and hope is that the issue with the XBees is sorted. However, we weren't able to confirm as there are other aspects that need to ready for that to happen.

As for the programming, the problems seemed to extend further.

To start with, we kind of gave up on using the pduino testing patch for pure data to start one from scratch. Along with that the arduino software came as an extension. This means that both arduino coding and patching in pure data are new built. This opens more possibilities and control over the desired elements. But also, it takes more time to build. Specially if your understanding of both languages is limited!

To sum up there's was the need to start from zero but we ended up with some good progress.