Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The new delay

After finishing the Fuzz Factory clone guitar pedal, sourced by a French website, linked by Paul Marossy, I started working on two other guitar pedals: an Octavia (by Fuzz Central website) and a Delay (by Soldersound website). This last one is quite curious as he built a bunch of guitar pedals inside a very small enclosure (1590A for anyone who knows what I'm talking about!).

The Fuzz Factory clone ended up like this:

Two things:
1st. I called it Fuzz Funktory!
2nd. The knobs have no writen nomination! Maybe for the next one!!!
Other than this it's pretty screaming funkadelic.

As to the Octavia, it's working. However, I think something might have gone wrong as one of the potentiometers (the one that should increase or decrease the "octavia" amount) is not working!!! I'll still have to figure that out!!!
Anyways it is still outside the enclosure...

The last but not least, the Delay has just got itself the enclosure holes to fit the circuit inside (some to go still). Besides this, a delivery with the PT2399 IC should be arriving any day to complete the circuit. Let's just hope it works properly!!!
This is how it looks so far:

Hope you enjoy the sounds being worked behind the scenes to be played with these mambo-jambo's!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Milan 0 - 1 Tottenham

This was the first game I drew from this series.
Two matches were supposed to be drawn, however due to discrepancies in the champions league website I started 1h later, so only one half was drawn.
For these games I am going to draw only half time of each as they are playing at the same time.
This is the result of today's game!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Fuzz Funktory trial

All problems have made me remake the pedal on a breadboard...
This is what it sounds and looks!

I really need to add that nothing would have been possible without the help of Paul Marossy!
He was simply THE BEST!!!
Thanks Paul!
You can visit his website: