Sunday, 20 June 2010


During the insomnia I'm having in Berlin, a question about my work has been constantly popping up.
I've been studying, amongst lots of other things, the observation of a body dancing in space. This has a particular and specific view. The space observes the body. From that conclusions are drawn of the body occupation in space.
The question I've been thinking about is the reversal of this preposition, trying to figure out what does the body see o the space sorrounding it? What is the relationship the body creates with space by opposition of the relation of the space with the body.
I am now thinking about a way of connecting several cameras in body key points as it performs a dance.
What does the body see?
What's the body's point of view?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Bronze comming up!

The dance piece is now being made in bronze.
The status of this stage of the whole process is the bronze is made just needing finishing. Tomorrow is a grinding and sanding day.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

New things comming to light! (part III)

The second one is the one I've been more committed to make in the last month.
A door, a doorbell button, a door viewer.
My intentions with this work is to make an interactive piece, that makes the viewer think about his position in space and his relation to cinema situations.
For this I put up the items I announced before, asking the viewer to ring the bell and look through the spyglass.
To complete this I created a Pure Data patch with an Arduino input and a video and audio output.
The video output goes to a 3,5in LCD display on the other side of the door viewer. The sound comes out of a couple of speakers placed in the same area as the LCD.
This patch responds to the door bell. Whenever someone presses the button a random clip plays (from a selection of 50). These clips are taken from movies and all of them are of someone ringing a bell and the triggered situation that follows.
This way I intend to make the viewer see himself as the one that triggers that situation instead of simply being presented with the situation in the passive comfort zone of the theater seat.

Soundwave sculpture

James Clar soundwave sculpture in Rolex Tower (Dubai)

"An art sculpture in the business entrance of the Rolex Tower in Dubai. For this sculpture James recorded himself saying "Rolex Tower" into a computer program. Once the soundwave was recorded it was transferred to a 3D modeling program. The waveform was then rotated to create a physical sculpture whose dimensions were recreated using stainless steel. The final measurements of the sculpture represent the sound of someone saying "Rolex Tower" after .05 seconds. This large sculpture hovers 2.5m above visitors as they walk around the lobby."

James Clar