Saturday, 8 May 2010

New things comming to light (partII)

Last time I spoke about three projects. I can now say they are WIP (work in process).

The first one is a quite simplistic idea, though a little complicated to explain!
A button uses the premises ON-OFF. The functionality of the button is put aside swapping it with a series of translations. The importance of the function is then substituted by the importance of the word.
When the button is ON, a buzzer sounds to the rhythm of the binary code of the word ON, in a never ending loop. The binary code for this word is [0110111101101110].
The translation protocol I am applying is simple: 0=silence; 1=buzz.
The same happens when the button is turned OFF, though the rhythm changes from the binary code of the word ON to the binary code of the word OFF [011011110110011001100110].
All is placed in a small sized box (5'x4'x4'), giving it portability and autonomy.