Saturday, 2 March 2013

Cycle Sound development

In the last week, great developments have taken place.

1st - The Bicycle. Very few parts are now missing to complete its construction. I am pretty stubborn and the choice I made was to build it from scratch. Piece to piece... Of course, in the end it's a much more expensive bike than it could be, but it is the bike I chose to make. I just need a deraileur, pedals and a saddle. Brake calipers are ordered and should be here by the end of next week. This means that in a couple of weeks it will be ready to ride. I'll spend the weekend assembling the bottom braket and crank. Sunday, I'll get the deraileur and possibly pedals. This means that by monday it will be a moving bike... However, it wont brake yet...

2nd - Electronics. All parts for the bike rigging are either ordered or already in my posetion. Most of the PCBs are made and tested but there are some to be made still. Mostly, what needs to be done is the inter connection of all parts and its assembly to the arduino. Thumbs up!

3rd - Wireless. It was a long frustrating strive to find how to make the XBees work together. Not only that in a simple way, but very specifically: a) making it transmit all the signals desired; b) getting the signals straight into pure data. However, I'm still not too shure about it fully working, whitch still requires some testing. This will take place very soon. One of the question marks I still have wondering around my head is about the transmition of all analog signal.

4th - Pure Data. The patch is pretty simple so far. I'm using FM8 to make notes from the patch. The development of this will be done when the electronics are fully functional and stable. Some things will probably be worked in the meanwhile to test the electronics.


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